Angela Maritz

Angela Maritz creates artwork to provide you with an experience. Experiences that spark joy in your home but more importantly your heart. 

One of the first things she does when she enters her studio each morning is turn her music on. The song list she chooses depends on her current mood.

She goes on to load her brush not just with her chosen medium, acrylic but also with her current emotions. The music enables her to get into a joyful state of mind where she forgets about her fears of messing the painting up but rather it spurs her on to translate the feelings into lines filled with positive energy.

In this way Angela’s work reminds you of your own joy. These lines translate into different genres which have the power to conjure up memories linked to feelings that uplift you.
Vases filled with flowers – Capturing the beautiful, bold vibrancy experienced in nature.
Blooms in focus – a feeling of freedom, calm and intricate beauty.
Land and Seascapes expand your world, pulsating with energy, space and freedom.
Animals – fun, flirty and wild, reflecting and connecting inner emotions.

Contact Angela to find out which one of her works will best remind you of your joy. Angela is also happy to be commissioned if you have a specific size on your wall that you would like to fill.

Angela lives in Tauranga, New Zealand. She ships her work worldwide.

Angela Maritz