Sara Kenrick

Sara’s work involves building up layers of colour, texture and form, whilst allowing her intuition and logic to fight it out on a linear space, resolving the complexities of the possibilities presented. Sara is strongly influenced by colour, feeling surges of emotion when experiencing colour in the same way as when listening to beautiful music. Artists among the Impressionists, Fauves, and Abstract Expressionists who expressed themselves through immodest, yet considered use, of riotous colour inspire her.

Sara likes experimenting with contrasts of opacity and transparency, organic and hard edged forms and the push and pull of a painterly application and subtraction, to reveal maunga (mountains) and motu (islands) that she is familiar with. The way landforms are created over millions of years intrigues her and reminds her of her short time in this body.

“Maunga fill me with a sense of awe, bringing me into the present moment and an awareness of my place in nature. When the warm horizontal light of evening picks out the contours of maunga and motu, I feel a deep sense of joy… and it is through these associations that I try to capture an essence of my experience in paint”