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Bloom in the Bay

Envirohub original bee hotel flower seeds for bees

Bee Hotel – Envirohub

Did you know that bees and critically endangered around the world due to disease, wasps, insecticides and loss of habitats? Here in New Zealand we also have 28 different types of native species which don’t make hives like typical honey bees, instead they borrow in the ground. So what is something you can do to help our honey bees and native bees? Build them a Bee B&B of course! Learn how to make a friendly habitat for bees which you can build in your own garden and make sure your garden is getting the pollination it needs to grow tall and bright.

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The NZ Garden & Art Festival Charitable Trust is a positive and forward-thinking group passionate about gardens, art and promoting the beautiful Bay of Plenty in a philanthropic way.

phone 07 570 2525
address PO Box 14100,  Tauranga 3143
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