Kim Westerskov

Kim Westerskov Photography

Award-winning photographer, author, and teacher, Kim Westerskov specialises in making breathtaking images of the Southern Hemisphere’s  seas and ocean wildernesses.  

Behind the Lens – Capturing the Plant World

In this photo workshop, Kim Westerskov will demonstrate how to capture the beauty of flowers, ferns, grasses, and forests, plus how to create “artworks” from these photos. Tips, techniques, and inspirational photos will be shared. 

The Power of Photography 

The Light and the Darkness. This illustrated conversation will focus on the power & importance of good photography, how it helps us understand our world, our place in it, our responsibilities, and the possibilities for a better future.

Flowers, Ferns & Forests.

An illustrated talk on the beauty of the plant world, from intimate “art photography” of flowers to the grandeur of forests.