Rob Somerfield

With an extensive breadth of knowledge and an unrivalled passion for roses, Rob loves to share his expertise to ensure everyone gets as much joy from roses as he does. He began breeding roses in 1983 with his first release being the beloved Blackberry Nip. From knee deep in mud to showcasing new roses, Rob has 50 released roses including Looking Good and Feeling Better-  both released to assist with the raising of funds for the Look Good Feel Better Organisation. He can claim seven New Zealand Rose of the Year awards, and numerous Trial Ground successes. 

Creation of a Rose

Rob will show how he goes from hand pollination to hips, from seedlings to trial plants and then how he selects the roses of the future.  He believes the most important aspect of a rose is health, to ensure roses are easy for everyone to manage in their own garden.  Rob’s 37 years of experience have all led to his latest release Green with Envy, a stunning and unique green rose sought after by florists and gardeners. Rob and his team will be selling this rose and many others all day Friday at The Hub. Cash sales only.