News 6 November 2020 , 5 comments

Festival Updates

With less than two weeks to go we are super excited and hope you are too!!

There are few updates to note:

  • Garden 57 Tuhua View: Om Nom Food Truck available.
  • Garden 62 Marybank: Has no wheelchair access.
  • Garden 63 Lorraine Hall: No coffee/food.
  • Garden 77 Leanai: Cannot take buses.
  • Rob Somerfield – Green with Envy rose = SOLD OUT!

5 comments so far

  1. Helen Ravine,

    Our 3 guides have four double page spreads repeated, so we are missing gardens 22 – 69. The garden descriptions on the website seem to have different names and no numbers so it is impossible to correlate them. Can we get new guides? Or could you publish the information for the mission gardens on the website please.

    • Kirsty,

      Hi Helen, so sorry to hear this we have emailed you to sort it. Thanks for your patience!

    • Kirsty,

      Hi Sheryl, yes there is, please let the Lions volunteers know when you are driving in. Enjoy the Festival!

  2. Verena Steele,

    Hi, we are also missing pages out of our packs – could you please email us urgently so we can plan our days. Verena Steele

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