The NZ Garden & Art Festival Charitable Trust

The NZ Garden & Art Festival Trust is a charity and was formed in 2001 by a talented and forward thinking group who were passionate about gardens, art and promoting the beautiful Bay of Plenty in a philanthropic way.

Our Mission Statement:

Inspire a passion for gardening and art

The key objectives of the Trust are:

  • To promote and improve the advancement of education, skill, knowledge and enjoyment of gardens and the arts in New Zealand
  • To build and develop New Zealand’s premier Garden & Art Festival
  • To create an enjoyable event for all who participate
  • To enrich and strengthen our community
  • To promote the unique lifestyle of the Bay of Plenty

The current board of Trustees:

  • Lynda Burch (Chair)
  • Annie Hill
  • Nichola Vague
  • Rebecca Ryder
  • Sharna McElhinney
  • Kathy Robb

The Festival Team:

  • Marc Anderson – Festival Director
  • Hollie Jones – Artist Liaison and Admin
  • Annemarie Cambie – Garden and Art Trail Liaison and Admin
  • Jamie Hayes – Ticketing
  • Lara Bui – Social Media
  • Monique Balvert – O’Connor – PR

The Art Committee:

  • Marc Anderson
  • Hollie Jones
  • Gill Brodie
  • Paula Knight

The Garden Committee:

  • Marc Anderson
  • Bronwyn Towersey
  • Monique Balvert-O’Connor
  • Lara Bui
  • Megan Anderson
  • Sue Speirs